San Antonio Child Custody and Visitation Attorney

Often the most bitter and stressful aspect of the divorce process, custody negotiations can quickly tear apart otherwise strong families. The stakes are exceedingly high, so it’s important to work with a San Antonio child custody and visitation attorney who is committed to not only your best interests, but also the best interests of your children. Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm is a great resource as you sort through the complications of conservatorship and possession in Texas.

Conservatorship in Texas

Child custody in Texas differs somewhat from regulations and procedures in other states. Texas courts refer to the concept of custody as “conservatorship,” and adults who hold physical and legal custody as “conservators.”

Parents with conservatorship hold many of the same rights and responsibilities as those deemed custodians in other states. These include the following:

  • Access to the child’s medical and educational records
  • Ability to discuss the child’s health with physicians and other medical professionals
  • Power to provide consent for treatment in a medical emergency
  • The right to gain information from the other parent regarding the child’s health and welfare

Sole Versus Joint Managing Conservatorships

Most Texas parents are named joint managing conservators; this means that both are responsible for making major decisions about their children’s health care, education, living situation, and more. In some cases, however, decision-making powers may only be awarded to one parent, or different types of decisions may be split among parents.

Possession Arrangements

In Texas, courts refer to visitation as possession. Visitation schedules are known as standard possession orders. A specific set of guidelines is used to ensure that both parents enjoy access to their children, all in the interest of maintaining strong relationships.

How a San Antonio Child Custody and Visitation Attorney Can Help

Child custody (conservatorship) and visitation (possession) are notoriously complex in Texas. Given the complications involved in this aspect of family law, it is imperative that you seek support from a knowledgeable divorce attorney. Look to Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm for patient counsel and assertive courtroom representation.

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