San Antonio Child Support Attorney

San Antonio Child Support Attorney Mary Lou Alvarez at Mary Lou Alvarez P.C. Family Law Firm wants families to know that she is committed to helping them during their custody and divorce litigation with an eye towards a solution that will leave them, their children and their families as happy and healthy as possible.

The Importance of Child Support

As you know, child support is when the custodial parent pays the parent who has primary custody of a child in an effort to support the child financially. Child support is necessary to ensure the child/children involved do not notice a significant change in their lifestyle after their parent’s relationship comes to an end. The end of such a relationship can be emotionally difficult enough for the children involved without them having to change various aspects of their lives due to financial limitations. Keeping children in their previous lifestyle and taken care of financially is of utmost importance.

What Attorney Mary Lou Alvarez Provides Her Clients During Child Support Cases

Mary Lou Alvarez prepares for a custody trial with a desire to provide your family with a holistic approach that will ensure you and your children are in a better place that you were before your case was tried, whether it be at the final orders or your hearing. She’s creative when it comes to creating parenting plans, thanks to her history in this practice area. She also frequently suggests input from mental health professionals when they are needed to further ensure a healthy positive situation.

The Benefit of Hiring a San Antonio Child Support Attorney

Even if your relationship is amicable, you can still benefit from the services of a child support attorney such as our practice the Mary Lou Alvarez P.C. Family Law Firm. This type of case often becomes emotionally charged, so even a good relationship can dissolve. In addition, we understand the legal complexities of the situation and will properly guide you through the process of setting up child support in the correct manner. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you through child support litigation. Remember, our goal is a healthy, happy client and child! Call us today.

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