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Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm: Compassionate Counsel For Divorcing Clients

There is no way to completely eliminate the pain of divorce, but the right San Antonio divorce attorney can keep the associated stress and anxiety to a minimum. Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm is a great resource to turn to as you file for divorce and prepare to strike out on your own.

Filing For Divorce in Texas: Residency Requirements

Texas has stricter residency requirements for divorce than many states. To file, you or your spouse must have resided in Texas for the six months preceding your dissolution, plus in the county in which you intend to file for at least ninety days. However, time spent away from Texas in the capacity of armed forces service still count towards the state’s residency requirements.

Texas Grounds for Divorce

There are seven grounds for divorce in the state of Texas:

  • Insupportability — a conflict of personalities (also known as irreconcilable differences in many states)
  • Cruel treatment that makes living together unbearable
  • Voluntarily living apart (no cohabitation) for at least three years
  • Abandonment for at least one year
  • Adultery
  • Felony conviction
  • Confinement in a mental hospital for at least three years

Common Approaches to Divorce and How a San Antonio Divorce Attorney Can Help

Divorce can look very different depending on how and where it is carried out. Mediation is typically thought of as the most peaceful and cost-effective approach. Divorces involving contested custody or visitation may automatically be sent to mediation, although exceptions are frequently made when domestic abuse has played a role in the separation. Some couples prefer collaboration, which takes a more adversarial approach to dissolution while still maintaining a spirit of cooperation. Litigation divorces can be expensive and stressful, but sometimes, they are absolutely necessary.

Why Work With Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm?

At Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm, the goal for all divorcing clients is to minimize both the cost and stress of divorce, while still delivering the best possible legal outcome. Reach out today to learn more about filing for divorce in Texas.

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