San Antonio Father’s Rights Attorney

Divorce, child custody, and visitation issues can be emotionally challenging for both parents and children. You need an attorney that understands the law and can provide the best solutions for you and your family. Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm provides compassionate yet straight forward legal representation in a variety of areas. She can provide practical solutions to the legal controversies your case presents.

Divorce in San Antonio

Divorce can be traumatic for everyone involved. Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm works on your behalf so the marriage ends without clients suffering emotional and financial devastation. She’ll help you protect your children and your assets during the process of divorce so you can move on with your life as quickly and painlessly as possible. Her no nonsense approach to handling divorce proceedings will help guide you through both the legal and emotional process of ending a marriage.

A Father’s Rights Regarding Child Custody & Visitation

When your family is looking for solutions regarding child custody and visitation, the Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm will prepare for a custody trial with the desire to offer the family a holistic solution. Her goal is to get clients and their children to a better place than they were in before the case began. She is very creative when it comes to parenting plans and often suggests the input of mental health professionals when needed.

Contact a San Antonio Father’s Rights Attorney

The Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm has handled family law cases exclusively for approximately 10 years. She serves several counties and cities throughout Texas, including San Antonio. Whether you need representation for father’s rights, child support, divorce, or domestic violence she will work on your behalf to make sure your rights and those of your children are protected. Contact Mary Lou Alvarez, P.C. Family Law Firm at 210-227-6700 for a consultation. She is working for you to protect what matters during your divorce and custody litigation.

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